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The Estate

The estate is situated in the territory of Cirò, on the same hills that in the past saw the Greeks turn wine from a simple food into a product of exchange and cult.

The Estate extends over a surface of approximately 500 hectares, 100 of which are planted with vineyard as specialized cultivation, 50 with century-old olive groves; 100 are cultivated as an area to be sown with seed, while the remaining part is made up of pastures and woods for the livestock, bred in the wild state.

The grounds, of calcareous, clayey and sandy origin, are extremely fertile, since they are rich in natural springs. The whole area, benefited by a Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers and short and rainy winters, provides the ideal conditions for the cultivation of vine and olive.
Today, not less than 35 workers carry out well-defined tasks inside the farm. During the period of the grape harvest and of the olive picking, the number of labourers triples.

Vitigni della Tenuta Iuzzolini

In the farm there is a breeding of cattle and horses.

The cattle of the Podolic livestock is made up of 200 heads, bred in a wild state, which due to their high harshness and stoutness adapt well to the hill and mountain kind of grounds. The breeding produces exclusively race oxen and breeder heifers.
In summer, the herd leaves for the transhumance through the fresh places of the Sila (a wild mountain region), then comes back at the end of autumn to the sunny and fertile pastures of the sea-coast. The horses enrich the breeding, besides embellishing the whole estate with their pride. They are available for long rides inside the farm.

Oxen Races: “la Carrese”

Unique in the whole world, both from the point of view of the spectacularity and of the necessary competence for its performance, it takes place only in a few countries of Italy, amongst which are San Martino in Pensilis, Ururi and Portocannone, in the region of Molise, and in Chieuti, in the region of Apulia.
Male calves born in our breeding are destined to races. When they reach the age of one year, they are gelded and branded with the family mark and later on sold to the associations where the “carristi” (“cart-men”) take care of their training, which lasts approximately five years, before making them participate in the race called “Carrese”

Some pictures of the Iuzzolini Estate

Tenuta Iuzzolini
Allevamento Podolica
Maiale nero di calabria
Corse dei Buoi: “la Carrese”