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100 ettari di vigneto

In the farm there are 100 hectares of vineyards destined to specialized cultivation mainly situated in the territory of the D.O.C. Cirò, while the remaining part is included in the I.G.T. Calabria. 

The vineyards lie in the locality known as “Timpa Bianca”, in the municipality of Cirò Marina, at just a short distance from the sea; in the hinterland “Motta”; in the village of Carfizzi and in the area of “Maradea”, in the municipality of Umbriatico. Presently, in the estate three varieties of autochthonous vines are cultivated: Greco Bianco, Gaglioppo and Magliocco.

Imported from the ancient Greece, the Greco Bianco (White Greek) presents an amber-coloured grape with slight green reflections and has a preference for dry sunny hills. The Cirò Bianco is produced from this vine.

Tenuta Iuzzolini Vitigni

The Gaglioppo, another vine species typical of Cirò, is the dominating vine since it has been cultivated for thousands of years in the area of Cirò due to its adaptability to dryness and diseases. The scents of fruit as well as the presence of antioxidant substances make the Gaglioppo the nectar of the Gods, from which is obtained the Cirò Rosso, Rosato and Riserva (Red, Rosé and Reserve).

The Magliocco, an ancient Calabrian variety wide-spread in the past and nowadays almost disappeared from our territories, presents a compact grape with a thick and substantial peel with an intense colour. This is the reason why the idea to recover it was born, planting some hectares with these specimens amongst the dry hills of the farm. From this vine  the “Paternum” wine is produced.

The Iuzzolini Vineyards